14 OctHow to Dress Appropriately for Your Body Type

Are you a pair shape? Inverted triangle? Square? Or do you have an hour glass body type? Finding what body type you have matters most especially when you want to look your best. (Honestly who doesn’t?) Most women are body conscious no matter what size or shape they are in. We all want to know what style secrets celebrities keep in achieving flawless and fabulous style.

What most of us don’t know is that fabulous style is achieved through great taste in fashion and most importantly, by dressing according to your body shape. The trick to looking flawless is in fact hiding your flaws and highlighting your assets which can be done once you are familiar with the shape of your body (Aha! No wonder celebrities can pull-off certain looks seamlessly!). Well, here’s an insider style tip: When you know your body very well, you can find clothes that fit and flatter your body easily.

Most of us are not aware of the body type we have, we tend to choose clothes based on seasonal trends, mimic what celebrities are wearing or what we feel looks right on us. To bring out the best in you, here are some tips in creating fabulous look for your body type:

  • Figure out what body type  you are – before anything else it’s necessary to find your body shape
  • Accept and embrace your womanly figure – whether you’re a 5” or 6” in height, big boned or petite, love your body and accept it because it’s your own and whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with it (unless of course, you undergo surgery) nevertheless, there’s nothing better than being comfortable in your own body.
  • If it’s about body type, don’t think of your height or weight; instead, focus on your shape – a tall friend may be a pear shape and a petite friend may be an hour glass, or vice versa- whatever it is, styling is based on the body built you have.

Like our personalities and thumbprints, each of us have a completely different and unique body structure; however, they are summarized and shortlisted to 5 general categories:

  • Pear
  • Wedge
  • Rectangle
  • Apple
  • Hourglass

There are several body shapes women have:

The Pear Shape

Celebrity Muse: Kim Kardashian

Characteristics: Pear type bodies have a narrow upper body as compared to their lower body or hips that are wider than the shoulders; if you’re body type is pair shaped, you have a tiny waist and a full bottom.

Your Best Assets: Shoulders, Torso, Abs

How to dress accordingly: Show off your waist and arms, call attention to your upper body and minimize focus on lower body.

We say yes to wearing:

  • A-line skirts
  • Bottom garments with wide hems
  • Light-coloured tops and dark-coloured bottoms
  • Boat neck tops, square and cowl necklines
  • Strapless tops or dresses
  • Ruffled tops
  • Jackets that fall at the waist
  • Pointy-toed shoes

The Wedge or Inverted Triangle Shape

Celebrity Muse: Demi Moore

Characteristics: If you belong to this body type you naturally have a broad chest, wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips.

Your Best Asset: Legs

How to dress accordingly: Draw attention to your lower body such as your waist and hips while softening your upper body.

We say yes to wearing:

Brightly coloured bottom garments

Wide leg pants

Full volume skirts

Avoid spaghetti strap tops

Avoid boat neckline tops

Experiment with high-waist styles

The Rectangle Shape

Celebrity Muse: Natalie Portman

Characteristics: Rectangle shaped bodies usually have waist, hips and shoulder width parallel giving that sporty aesthetic.

Your best assets: Arms and legs; there’s no need to minimize any part of your body

How to dress accordingly: The goal is to create curves and show off slender legs and arms

We say yes to wearing:

  • Scoop necklines  and sweetheart tops
  • Long coats or jackets
  • Collared, ruffled or detailed tops
  • Stick to simple styles
  • Layer up with clothes and accessories
  • Try dresses with ruching or cinching details
  • Experiment with colourful, printed bottoms

The Apple Body Shape

Celebrity Muse: Eva Longoria

Characteristics: Apple bodies are characterized by narrow hips and broad back and shoulders. Among all the body types, you may feel the widest.

Your Best Asset: Legs

How to Dress Accordingly: Elongate your torso, show-off your toned legs, and highlight your small waist.

We say yes to wearing:

  • Monochromatic styles
  • V-necklines
  • A good bra that provides lift and support
  • Cinch a belt at the smallest part of your waist
  • Empire cut tops or dresses
  • Boot cut and flared pants
  • Short skirt

The Hourglass Body Shape

Celebrity Muse: Beyonce

Characteristics: Hour glass bodies have parallel shoulders and hips with a tiny waist

Your Best Assets: Curves

How to Dress Accordingly: Keep it low maintenance and tasteful by not going overboard in showing off your curves

We say yes to wearing:

  • Fitted dresses
  • Belt cinched at the waist
  • Wrap dresses
  • High-waist skirts or shorts
  • Go for light-weight material and styles
  • Go for skinny or straight pants

In conclusion, whether you’re a pair, apple, rectangle, hourglass or wedge shape, once you find which body type you have and learn to accept and love your body’s structure, it will be a whole lot easier for you to determine fashion trends and styles that will suit your body best; as a result, you will feel more comfortable and confident and project a more appealing and sexier aura. Sure it may involve some trial and error in finding clothes that work best on you as well as defining your style, but there’s no need to worry, remember: it’s all about evolving to a better and newer you. A lot of stylists often advise not to hold back and be afraid to experiment with fashion- this is especially true for people who are still finding their niche; believe it or not – even models and celebrities are often challenged by their body and play with fashion and styles as well. As parting advice, keep this in mind: Aim to correct your flaws by concealing them and highlighting your best features.